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The introducer of merchandise is responsible for the CONFORMITY of his products

We take care the necessary steps and are audited producer and provider. We test all relevant articles based on the actual and valid regulations and cooperate with TÜV-Germany.  We are checking regularly if there are new and advanced rules and regulations. We can issue a declaration of conformity for all relevant products.


TÜV -audited

We cooperate with TÜV-Rheinland and TÜV-SÜD

Our staff is regularily joining trainings at TÜV concerning new rules and regulations. We regularily test all relevant products with TÜV.

LFBG-food-safety  *  EN71-toys  *  MSDS-materials-safety  *  AZO-colours  *  EN1783  * FSC-paper   * PAH * CADIUM * FORMALDEHYDE



FSC® product-certificate

Xmas-and-more GmbH and our factories in China are  FSC®-certified  (FSC® C106855)

Wood which is produced in FSC®-certified plantatioons is planted based on ecolocigally and social standards. FSC® stands for this worldwide. With the FSC®-label the consumer has the chance to decide for materials and products coming from a responsible forest-management.

In order to  make sure that the products with a FSC®-label really come from FSC®-certified sources FSC® is using the well-tried tool of Chain of Custody (COC). For that a company must built-up  procedure of product-chain, from the forest to the consumer. This guarantees that the FSC®-certified wood can be identiedanytime. Only if the company follows these rules it receives the FSC®-certificate which allows him to advertise with FSC® and use the FSC® label on its products.

The FSC®-certificate opens the chance for new markets, to grow the market-shares and even get better prices for the products. In compare to companies without a FSC®-certified company has an advance meaning the responsible handling of nature sources.



We are holding food-attestations for all food-relevant products * On request we provide a DECLARATION of CONFORMITY for all these products

The  EEC-auhorities are asking for detail-informations for all food-relavant products.

The introducer/producer of articles/packagings... which come in contact with food is liable to provide a declaration which confirms if/that the packaging follows the valid rules and if there are restrictions refering its use.

In most European countries this guideline was changed to national laws meanhwile.

The producer/introducer must therefore provide a written declaration saying that its productsare conform to the requirements.



BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)

We want contribute that the labour-conditions in our factories are improving . Nearly all of our factories in China are BSCI-certified.

BSCI stands for labour-conditions which are continously improved based on the guideline of the International Labour Organisation (IOL) and other rules from Charta of Human Rights as well as national regulations.


Conformity of printing-colours for food-packaging

For all packagings and products which come in contact with food we are only using printing-colours which comply with the newest regulations and standards.

The migration of printing-colours used for food-packing or articles coming in contact with food may no exceed a certain limit. This is only workable by using safe colours. We regularily make food-tests at TÜV and provide a confirmation of conformity on request.




Xmas-and-more takes care to secure protected timbers, the papers for our paper-products are made from 

Timber-protected woods, we follow the timber-regulations.


The timber regulation includes three different obligations:


It prohibits the placing of illegal harvesting timber and products

derived from such timber on the EU market, whether they are of domestic

or imported origin.


Timber accompanied by a FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade) or

CITIES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) license will be

accepted as legal. In all other cases, operators must exercise “due diligence” when

they introduce imported and domestic timber or timber products on the EU market.


Traders (those after the operators in the supply chain) need to keep records of their

suppliers (and customers, unless they are end consumer). In this way the operators

can always be traced.

Environement protection

Xmas-and-more and protecting the environement

The world is changing and we are facing great challenges concerning the environement.

The Chinese government wants to follow the decissions of the Paris Climate Summit and is pushing the producing companies in China.

Every producing company in China is beeing checked concerning polution, waste reduction, clean air, clean water  and noise reduction. The Chinese government has started a EPT-tax (environement protection tax) since January 2018. Every producing company must make a monthly counting of these parameters and is charged more or less by this tax. This step promotes the "environement thinking" and encourages the companies "to do something".

Our factories in China follow the environement-idea, we are certified and know that only a save environement will save our future and our planet.







Our world ist changing rapidly.

These changes have a big influence on our poilitical, economical and ecologial  acting.

The understanding comes-out that future generations shall be able to live at least under same conditions as we do it.

That works only if

  * the level of the degradtion-rate of renewable ressouources does not exceed the ability for regeneration

  * if the usage of not-renewable ressources will be compensated by an increasement of renewable ressources

  * if the level of emmissions is not higher than the capability of assimilations


The implentation of these terms needs time and patience - the idea of sustanability is not yet implenmented in all cultures on our world. We are working on that term - to sensitize our partners in Far-East.


Save reccsources, circular economy,  energy-efficency, professional disposal,  FSC, Timber. traffic, reusable packing, regionality...... are approaches to solve the problems - we discuss and implemate it with our partners step by step.

--Renewable energies---

We use 100% Green electricity  * more than 2/3 of our power requirement come from our photovoltaik system